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Double Screw Food Extruder

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Welcome to visit the website of SAIXIN. In the following, we will introduce you our double screw food extruder, which is a type of commonly used food processing equipment.

Typically, a double screw food extruder is composed of feeding system, extrusion system, cutting system, heating system and controlling system. It can process various materials, and features high automation and stable performance.

Large-size Double screw Extruder
Large size double screw extruder is produced according to international standard. Its key parts are imported. Its control system adopts computer program of high automation. It can carry out the best parameter enactment according to different recipe, water pressure and temperature. The working procedure of this double screw food extruder is very simple and reliable.

SAIXIN large size dual screw extruder has a high production efficiency of 400-500kg/h, and it can meet customers' desire of low investment and high benefit. This double screw food extruder is designed based on international level technologies and is widely used in the pharmacy, chemical and the feed industries, etc.

Protein Food Double screw Extruder
Soybean protein food extruder is a new kind of puffing food processing line which is designed and developed based on our rich experience and increasing market demand. This double screw food extruder adopts low temperature soybean meal as main material to produce new food which looks like lean and has the sense of mastication. This kind of food has high nutrition and can be widely applied in many food industries, such as ham, sausage, canned foods, fast-food and frozen food manufacturing industries, etc.

Parameters / Model DZ85-Ⅱ/ Ⅲ DZ65-Ⅱ/ Ⅲ
Input Voltage 380V/ 50Hz 380V/ 50Hz
Installed Capacity 90/ 95kw 45/ 60kw
Power Consumption 75/ 80kw 30/ 45kw
Output 500-800kg/h 180-220kg/h
Dimension 4.5×1.2×2.3/3.5m 3.5×1.0×1.98m
Parameters / DS56-III Double Screw Extruder(export) DS56-III Double Screw Extruder(electric) DS56-III Double Screw Extruder(domestic)
Input Voltage 380V/ 50Hz 380V/ 50Hz 380V/ 50Hz
Installed Capacity 35kw 35kw 35kw
Power Consumption 22kw 22kw 22kw
Output 120-150kg/h 120-150kg/h 120-150kg/h
Dimension 2.5×0.8×1.8m 2.5×0.8×1.8m 2.5×0.8×1.8m

SAIXIN is a professional double screw food extruder manufacturer located in China. We have the professional technicians and technique workers. With the help of our superior management system, we can produce high quality food processing equipment. In addition, the standard management makes the distribution of the company resource reasonable.
Due to the high quality and the reasonable price, our dual screw food extruder, biscuit processing line, corn process equipment and other food processing equipment are very popular in South-East Asian, Eastern Europe and Africa, etc. Thank you for your attention. We are sure that you will approve our products.

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