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Assorted Ice Cream Processing Line

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

This small size assorted ice cream processing line is our new generation product. It can produce different kinds of ice cream by mixing, cooling, aging, congealment, filling and hardening.
During all the production process, from the feeding of material to automatic completion of finished products, our assorted ice cream processing line adopts the high evenness cutting and continuous congealment technologies. The sizes of fat balls can be smaller than 1um. The material can reach as high as 100% in expanding rate.
The electrical elements are controlled by a centralized controller. There is no need of steam boiler or other cooling equipment.
SAIXIN assorted ice cream processing line can be used to produce a variety types of ice cream only by replacing its feeding head. It can produce ice cream cup, ice sucker, chocolate-coated ice cream, kernel ice cream and ice sucker.

In addition to quality products, we can also provide equipment installation, testing and commissioning services. We can also provide operator training, technical support service upon request. Hence, customers can feel totally secure in purchasing SAIXIN assorted ice cream processing line.
For ice cream makers' convenience, we also offer paper boxes, plastic boxes, packing bags and wood sticks.

Technical Parameter

Parameters / Model Input Voltage Power Output Water Consumption Expanding Rate Refrigerant Length
XBL500 380V/ 50Hz 27kw 500kg/8h 6T circulating water 90-100% R-22 9.2×3.5×1.5m
XBL1000 380V/ 50Hz 46kw 1000kg/8h 6T circulating water 90-100% R-22 12×3.2×1.8m

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