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Single Screw Food Extruder

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Welcome to this page. This is our single screw food extruder, which includes two models, SX2000-80 and SX3000-100.

Main features
This single screw food extruder consists of feeding system, extrusion system, cutting system, heating system, transporting system and cooling system. It is designed based on advanced screw extrusion technology. It uses low temperature to make materials ripe and shaping at one time. The frequency and speed control system, as well as the complete set of automatic control system ensure a good stability of process. The single screw food extruder is available in a variety of colors. It is able to process different types of food materials.

The input voltage of SAIXIN single screw food extruder is 380V/ 50Hz. The driving power of SX2000-80 is 22KW. The driving power of SX3000-100 is 30KW. The output of SX2000-80 is 60 - 80kg/h. And the output of SX3000-100 is 80 - 120kg/h.

Technical Parameter

Parameters / Model SX2000-80 SX3000-100
Input Voltage 380V/ 50Hz 380V/ 50Hz
Output 60 - 80kg/h 80 - 120kg/h
Driving Power 22kw 30kw
Cutting Power 0.75kw 0.75kw>
Heating Power 14.5kw 14.5kw
Total Power 38kw 46kw
Dimension 2.7×1.05×1.96m 3.2×1.05×1.96m

SAIXIN is a primary manufacturer of single screw food extruder in China. Found in 1995, we have now obtained good ability in the production of food processing equipment through many years of practice. We continuously update the production technology through the technical communication with international well-know companies. Meanwhile, we improve our existing food processing machinery according to the feedbacks of our customers. We can produce the corn process equipment, the protein food procession line and also other food processing machines to satisfy clients' varied demands.

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