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Modified Starch Extruder (Pregelatinization Starch Extruder)

Modified Starch Extruder (Pregelatinization Starch Extruder)

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

This modified starch extruder, also called pregelatinization starch extruder, is specially designed. Its barrel and screws structure are properly adjusted for the purpose of widening the extrusion and inflating functions. The modified starch products made by this modified starch extruder can be used in many fields like spinning, food, paper making, building material, casting, oil drilling and other industries. The extruders will definitely play a more important role in pregelatinization starch production field.

This starch processing equipment is composed of feeding system, extrusion system, cutting system, heating system, conveying system and cooling system. Our modified starch extruder has two models, DS56-III and DZ65-Ⅱ. The installed capacity of DS56-III is 35kw while that of DZ65-Ⅱis 45kw. Their power consumption is respectively 22kw and 30kw. And their output is 120-150kg/h and 180-220kg/h.

Technical parameter of modified starch extruder

Parameters / Model DS56-III DZ65-Ⅱ
Input Voltage 380V/ 50Hz 380V/ 50Hz
Installed Capacity 35kw 45kw
Power Consumption 22kw 30kw
Output 120-150kg/h 180-220kg/h
Dimension 2.5×0.8×1.8m 3.5×1.0×1.98m

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