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Pet Food Processing Line

Pet Food Processing Line

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Thank you for your visit. Here we will introduce to you our pet food processing line and chewing, jam center pet food processing line. These animal feed processing machines can be used for the production of animal foods, like dog food, cat food and bird food, etc.

Our chewing, jam center pet food processing line can produce many different shapes of pet chewing food in chips, stick and twist shapes, double or various colors foods. The whole processing line is designed reasonably. It can be installed and adjusted conveniently. Dog chewing food takes starch as raw materials. It has scientific composition. It is extruded by our co-extruder. It can be made into many kinds of shapes such as stick and bone shape, etc. The pet food produced by this pet food processing line can not only provide protein, fat, vitamin and other nutrition for dogs, but also satisfy the dogs' nature hobby. It could strong the teeth, clean the mouth and the tooth, improve the enteric function, and lighten the bad smell of pets.

Technical Parameter

Parameters / Model SX3000-100
Input Voltage 380V/ 50Hz
Installed Capacity 78kw
Power Consumption 60kw
Output 80-120kg/h
Length 16m

SAIXIN Machinery Company is a professional manufacturer of pet food processing line in China. The food security is always a hot topic for everybody. To conform to this trend, we devote ourselves to supplying the high quality animal feed processing machinery to our customers. With the help of the strict management by our administrative staff, we can develop superior products to satisfy the customers' requirement. At the moment, our double screw food extruder, single screw food extruder and a lot of other products are widely exported to the United States, Canada, Korea and Kazakhstan, etc.

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